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Welcome to The V6 Ranch Fam! 🖤

We’re Tyler and Charli Vernon! 

Owners of The V6 Ranch Cattle & K9 Co. LLC

Our ranch is located in Sulphur Bluff Texas. 

We’re about 55 minutes outside of Sulphur Springs, Texas and about 30 minutes from Mt. Vernon Texas. Our passion is raising our kids and animals here on our ranch!

My husband and I both work here on the ranch full-time. There is not a time when our momma dogs or their puppies are here alone. We pride ourselves in being 100% hands on from delivery until their gotcha day and are available for our puppy families long after their gotcha' day!


We breed only to improve each breed in health, temperament and structure. We strive to provide the experience we would expect when purchasing a forever pet/family member. 


We have over 40 past puppies that are now therapy/service and support dogs. We were also blessed to experience one of our past puppies in action at the children’s hospital in 2020 when our daughter was diagnosed with a tumor. The news hit us out of no where — with no warning. However, Having one of our past puppies there to comfort our daughter during her surgery was such a blessing to our daughter and our family! 


We have since made it a priority to donate 4-6 dogs (that fit the criteria and disposition) to be service dogs around the country every year!  


A little more about our family & ranch! 


Along with pets & service dogs, we raised over 200 head of Brahman cattle; replacement heifers and show cattle. 

We have four kids whom are our entire world. Bryn (12), Liv (11), Bowen (9) and LC (6). 

Because we work solely from our Ranch, We have been blessed to have the opportunity to homeschool all four of our kids. We love the extra time, hands on learning and life experience this affords each of them. We love traveling as a family and showing our Brahman Cattle at every cattle show we get the chance to attend. 


These 4 kiddos are also a huge part of all aspects of life here on the ranch -- From daily feeding & watering, to walking and snuggles, they help care for and love on our pups & cattle everyday. This is not only a learning experience for our kids but also a great experience for our puppies and their future families.


My mother is also a huge part of life here on the ranch. She’s also our number ONE pup nanny and loves helping us care for all our animals. She is our go too if we’re away for a few days for a cattle show or if there is ever an emergency, she is always here if we need to leave. Our pups are always cared for by one of our family members no matter what. 


Our puppies are all loved on, played with and cared for daily by 7 sets of hands daily. ♥️♥️ 


Things to remember: 


The first 12 weeks of your puppies life are the most important. This is the most important time to socialize and introduce your dog to noises, textures, other pets & people. Your breeder has your puppy for the majority of this time! This is why we believe picking the right breeder is so important. 


We have had terrible experiences with breeders in the past. This is why we put so much effort and money into providing the best possible care (genetic testing, food, supplements, facilities) and experience for our dogs/puppies & buyers. We’re committed fully to providing the best experience and care for everyone involved. 


We’re so thankful for the support of our Breeding programs (Cattle & Dogs) that make it possible to live the life we love and be together has a family here on our ranch everyday. 

Along with our Ranch dogs & Brahman Show Cattle— you’ll also find Commercial  Angus, Brangus, Hereford & Registered F1 Tiger Stripe Cattle, Ducks, Chickens, Donkeys, and Pigs here on our Ranch in East Texas. We absolutely love what we do! 

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family! 

If you’d like to get to know more about us and our daily lives, you can also follow our Ranch & Ranch Pages 


TikTok, Instagram & Facebook

Feel free to email, call or text anytime. 

Ps. Service isn't the greatest here on the Ranch so if we don't answer be sure to leave a message or email us. 

This is the only down side to living in the middle of no where! :) 

Our Family:: Our Family
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