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•Do you allow pick of the litter spots? 

-We always reserve the right to keep the pick of the litter. However, we do not keep a puppy from most litters, but the only way to get pick of the is to get on our waitlist early. We always do picks in deposit order.

•How long are your waitlists?

-We usually have 5-6 + people on our waitlists at all times. 

•Do you have to pay a deposit to be on your waitlist?

-Yes, we require a $250 to be added to any waitlist. Depending on on the litter will we except 2-5 deposits for each litter. Your deposit is non refundable but you can move it to a future litter up to three times. 

•What age do you allow puppies to go home? 

 - Puppies are only allowed to leave once they’re 8 weeks old. In most cases they won’t leave until 8 weeks + 1 day. *For toy & micro mini breeds we may opt to keep them until 10 weeks.*

•How many puppies do you expect in most litters? 

-This is never “known” but most of our standard litters are 7 + puppies but toy & micro mini litters are usually much smaller. 

•Are deposits non-refundable? 

-Yes, deposits are non-refundable, but your deposit is moveable to a future litter if you need to wait on getting a puppy or if you decide you do not want the puppy you placed a deposit on.

•How many litters do you allow your females to have before retiring them? 

-Most of our females will only have 3-4 litters before being retired, but our max number of litters for one female in our program is 5. 

•Do you spay your females upon retiring them? 

-Yes! They’re spayed after weaning the puppies from their last litter. 

•Do you keep your females after retiring them? 

-Yes, some of them grow old here on our ranch with our family. However, Some of them have had families waiting on them from the beginning. Those females will join their families after being retired and spayed. 

•Can I apply to be a home for a female once she is retired from your program? 

_Yes, our retired females only go approved homes. You can call or email us. We’d love to get to know you. 

•How often do you breed your females? 

-We follow our vets guidelines for breeding. Most vets advice breeding on the second heat and also advise not to skip heats in healthy females. Most of our females are bred 3 - 4 times with one skipped heat between and then they’re spayed. Which puts them retiring from our program at or before the age of 3-4. We do this so our females are only having puppies when they’re young and then get to spend the rest of their years being amazing pets. We do NOT agree with having a female in our breeding program have more than 5 litters max. 

•Do you offer help and support after the puppy goes home?

-Yes, we offer lifetime Breeder support. We’re always here to help and answer any questions you might have. 

•Do you require a spay/neuter contract? 

-Yes, we require a spay/neuter contract be signed with each puppy. This can be found here on our site.

•Do you require a return contract? 

-Yes, you must sign a return contract. We do not want any of our babies to end up in a bad home, a pound or dumped somewhere. All puppies must be returned to us. 

•Are we allowed to meet the puppies?

Previously, we welcomed all of our puppy families here to our Ranch for our Puppy pick weekends. However, Due to the up tick in robberies happening to breeders for the safety of our 4 children and pets, we do all of our picks via FaceTime, photos and videos. 

•Do you offer Face-time for puppy picks if I don’t live close enough to visit for them? 

-Yes, of course. Once we start puppy picks we go in paid deposit order. When it becomes your turn we will schedule a time to FaceTime for you too see the puppies, as well as send multiple updated pictures and videos. 

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